How Do Disabled Links Report?

And a faux disabled link buried in a long chunk of text that wraps multiple lines, so that we can try to make sure that screen readers will still enounter the link and report on its disabled status. So here is that thing with a tabindex of -1 with a super light color to make it more annoying. Is the dumb thing surfable? Can I get to it in the screen reader and does it report as what it's supposed to report as? Well??

Results Summary

Conclusion: It may be useful to have a link that reports as disabled and goes nowhere. The best/lightest way to do this is use the faux link technique.

Caveats: Links tend to be used in context of other text. Whereas WCAG recommendations are met even if typical disabled/inactive form components do not have adequate color contrast, links should always maintain contrast of 4.5:1 against their background, in order to be legible within the context of surrounding text. Additionally, we should remove their ability to be tabbable, like we do with other disabled elements. But note the last point in the list: keep a tabindex but make it -1.